I am the new SysOp of our digipeater OE6XWR, located on a mountain called Rennfeld in Bruck / Mur, about 1630 m above sea level.
The digipeater was maintained for a long time by OE6IWG Walter, the former SysOp of OE6XWR.
I took up this job a few weeks ago, but Walter is still in the background to help.

The actual build-in software is RMNC 3.3g (on an eprom)
The digipeater is out of order at the moment. Unfortunately the power supply has a strange output.
I made a few tests with the second node (reserve node), OE6XWR can be connected in this test phase.
The digi is running in my shack for this purpose, you cannot connect through the other links meanwhile!
I'll bring the reserve node up the mountain in the next weeks.

I'll update the history whenever I have got news...

So best 73's, hpe to connect you soon de OE6MKD, Rene

Date: 12th of October, 2005
The link to S55YKO is back and works really fine. OE6DJG Didi (SysOp of OE6XSR) calibrated the link TRX
to OE6XSR (on 23cm). He and his crew will mount a new tower on the mountain Schoeckl this week and after this
all packet radio stuff will be reactivated. I'll install the 23cm link TRX on our mountain the upcoming weekend
and do hope that the link to OE6XSR will work fine. I'll announce the next news after the first tests!
Click on this site regularely to be up-to-date!
Date: 01st of July, 2005
Unfortunately the link to S55YKO broke down, I guess that something happened in S5. All cards and rigs at my location
(at the digipeater on Rennfeld) seem to work fine. At the moment all links are offline!!
Hope to clarify the problem soon! Please be patient, I'll announce it here when I have got news...

Date: 23rd of Apr, 2005
Now the node is up and running, OE6XWR ist now listening on 144.850 (user frequ.) for any call! The link to S55YKO
also works fine. Unfortunately we couldn't turn the antenna for the link to OE6XSR, but we will do so soon!
The link to OE3XLR doesn't work at the moment, because the node will be moved to a new QTH. I'll announce the news
about this link if I know more about it. The link-TRX (on OE6XWR) is also up and working, better waiting for response
from OE3...hi
Have fun to test the node, see you soon!
Date: 17th of Apr, 2005
I got a nice rig from OE6TSG Dieter (mni tnx!!) for the user entrance on 144.850. Formerly this rig was used
in a firm and was modified for the amateur bands. Type: KF168 (Bosch), 5 to 25W Output. I finished the data cable
for this rig today and will climb up our nice mountain Rennfeld next weekend! I'll get a new eprom from Walter
(OE6IWG) tomorrow. So I'll test during this week and will install the main node again, hope it works!

Date: 27th of Feb, 2005
We could activate OE6XWR on 144.850, but no link was working. Unfortunately the antenna to OE6XSR (Schoeckl)
shows to the wrong direction. The strong wind on the mountain did his job well, hi.
We cannot move the antenna, because it's too dangerous at this time. We've to wait until the snow melts.
I tried to connect OE6XWR a few times from my shack. First it worked fine, but unfortunately the user rig
on 144.850 was quiet again. I guess, when the rig gets warm, the tx frequency is unstable.

I'll try to get a new/old rig in the next weeks. I've replaced the power supply of the main node, I installed
a power switch supply (of an old PC), works fine! That's at least one small step forward!
So let's see if we have more success in the future. I do hope to re-activate the node as soon as possible!

See you soon guys!

Date: 21st of Feb, 2005
I brought the reserve node to OE6WUD, Rudi, who will bring it up the mountain the next days!
I'll start with the first tests on Sunday, the 27th of Feb, 05! You can try to connect OE6XWR at abt 12:00 o'clock CET!
I do hope that the following links work:
OE6XSR: Schoeckl (Graz)
OE3XLR: Muckenkogel
S55YKO: Kor in Slovenia

So I hope that everything will work on Sunday, see you on my screen!
73 de Rene

Date: 30th of Jan, 2005
Testphase of the reserve node in my shack. You can connect to OE6XWR only (without links)!
User frequency: 144.850 MHz