The working conditions from OE5FSL (the toys)




Transceiver:             FT-897D  Power:  100 watts   in PSK31 PSK63 PSK125 RTTY HELL JT9 JT65  Power 30 watts

Antennas:                 GP from Hy Gain AV-640 for 6/10/12/15/17/20/30/40 m       

                                  Dipole DXCC for 10/20/40 and 80m, netic-Loop

                                  Magnetic-Loop INAC AX-330 10 - 80m


Digitalmodes:          Software: MixW Ver. 3,1.1  Registriert  (by  UT2UZ)      Member in European PSK Club EPC # 2674

Interface:                FUNKAMATEUR  Interface ONE                            





Transceiver:             FT-897D                     All mode Power 100 watts     also on 6m QRV                        and QRP Station: FT-817ND Power 5 Watt

Duobander:              TM-731E                  FM         Power 2m/30 W  70cm/20 W

Antennas:                 2m 10 el. Yagi     70cm  10 el. Longyagi


Packet-Radio:          Interface ONE

Software:                  MixW Ver. 3.1.1

GPS:                        TOM TOM




Quadcore 3,7 GHz   with WINDOWS 7 and LINUX Ubuntu 16.10 Debian                                                

Printer1: SAMSUNG CLP 320N (Laserjet)

Printer2: CANON PIXMA iP 4200 (Inkjet)



Echolink with Computer.        



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