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The information on this personal web site is provided and updated by the author Chris Hirt, OE3HBW, Austria

Purpose of the OE3HBW web-site

This is not a commercial web site and there is nothing for sale! Text, images and links shown here are for entertainment purposes only. Amateur Radio and Electronic homebrewing is just my hobby. This web-site is distributed in the hope that it will be useful for other homebrewer, but without any warranty. I found many many Ham and homebrewing information in the cyberspace of the Internet. With this site I bring back a microscopical part.

Privacy Statement

This private website consists exclusively of handmade HTML code, CSS and pictures as well as possibly some documents. No personal data will be processed and no data base is used from the author. The space for this website is provided free of charge by for radio amateurs. The author has no influence on the web host and just as little on linked web contents.
Please note that this web content will no longer be displayed from 31.12.2018 at the latest, as the web host is unfortunately discontinuing its service due to legal uncertainty caused by the European general data protection regulation.


All texts published on this web site have been carefully checked. Nevertheless, the author assumes no liability for the accuracy, completeness and topicality of the information. Links provided to other web sites are provided for the users convenience and do not constitute endorsement of the information at those sites. All circuits are checked for accuracy, but it is not guaranteed that they will work for your application. The author takes no responsibility for any injury resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, the reader's inability to appreciate the hazards of voltages, lack of knowledge of correct wiring practices, etc.
The OE3HBW web site as a private web site is presented "as is". The pages are believed to be without error, however this cannot be guaranteed, and it is reasonable to assume that mistakes or other errors will occur from time to time ;-) If errors are found, please contact me so that corrections may be made.
"In the theory there's no difference beetween theory and practice, but in practice there is!"

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The copyright holder is the author Chris Hirt, OE3HBW, Austria 2006-2018.
Reproduction or re-publication by any means whatsoever, whether electronic, mechanical or electro-mechanical, is strictly prohibited. The author grants the reader the right to use this informations for personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited without authorisation from Chris Hirt, OE3HBW.

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