My main Station is located at my home QTH, i still have very limited antennas here, but i am on the way to improve this situation. From Haslau i am QRV from 160m to 70cm. RIG 1 HF: Icom IC-7800, Microham micro KEYER II, Begali Key, Manual Antenna Tuner Palstar, and a FD4 Windom 6m above the ground, Power is 100W in Digimodes, 200W in other modes. RIG 2 VHF/UHF : Kenwood TS-2000, EZ-Master, Bencher Key, 3 El. Yagi or X-50 2m/70cm 3m above the ground, Power is max. 100W. I am using various Software for logging and operating. If you hear me with this callsign i am operating with very limited conditions, special looking to my antenna. Due this limitations you will hear me the most of my operating time in digital modes (PSK, RTTY, JT65 and sometimes also in CW), from here i operate only on HF-Bands. I am in industrial area here, so please be patient with me, my QRM and QRN level is very high (S9 and more). RIG: Icom IC-756 Pro III, Microham micro KEYER II, Schurr Key, Automatic Antenna Tuner LDG, and a G5RV mini 5m above the ground, Power is 50W in Digimodes, 100W in other modes. I am using various Software for logging and operating. OE3DXA OE3DXA Preliminary Antennas in OE3. OE1DXA Station OE3DXA. © OE3DXA 2011. Pagecounter: 1.756  Disclaimer OE1DXA OE1DXA Station OE1DXA.