© OE3DXA 2011. Pagecounter: 1.284  Disclaimer I am still collecting QSL-Cards, and i am happy for every of your beautiful QSL-Cards. QSL-Cards form Short Wave Listeners (SWL) are very welcome, and i get a lot of them. THANK YOU! BUT: I get many cards with missing Data, e.g. Date, Time .... enshure that your QSO- Information on your QSL-Card is complete and correct, i do not confirm invalid, or Cluster QSO’s. I confirm all of my QSO’s via EQSL.cc (uploaded after every activation) and LOTW (upload every month), all new QSO’s will be confirmed via the bureau. I return all the QSL-Cards that way i received the QSL-Card, the usual way is the bureau, incorrect or incomplete QSL-Cards will be returned via the bureau, incorrect electronic QSL- Cards will be rejected. QSL policy QSL 2006 - NOW QSL 2004-2006  QSL 2003-2004 since 2005 not longer used Authenticity Guaranteed If you send your card direct, please don’t forget to enclose an self-adressed-envelope (SAE), please do not send adress labels, and the postage fee. Actual postage fee here is 1 IRC (new Style, see picture) or 2 US$ or 1€ for Europe, for non EU-Stations we need 1 IRC (new Style) or 3 US$ or 2€ to return your card. pse do not send old type 2003 - 2004 2006 - NOW 2004 - 2006