© OE3DXA 2011. Pagecounter: 3.394  Disclaimer I had my first live  visiting to an  amateur radio  station with my  father 1971. I was  five years old and  fascinated from all i  could see and hear there, all the  lights and noises, the dits and  dahs popping out of the radio,   It was a big miracle for me that  somebody can understand the  meaning off all the  spoken words  and the dits and dahs.  First contact My name is Wern and my radio amateur call signs are OE3DXA and OE1DXA. Here you can find some informations about me. I hope to meet you on the bands as well. to my homepage Little time later  still  infected and inspired i  started my radio career  with an simple  CB  handheld radio getting  more and more in touch  with radio operation  and the HF virus. With  my enthusiasm i  infected my father, and soon he  passed his ham radio exam. We  got more and better equipment  and radio fever was getting higher  and higher.  Start After being  absent from  radio for a  very very  long time, i  was infected again and i took  myself time to learn for the ham  radio exam. I passed my exam  with CEPT class 1 in May 2003.  Since this day i made few QSO’s  in different modes and bands, in  contests, in fielddays, from  mobile, still testing new  possibilities and looking for new  ways... Ham Radio