© OE3DXA 2011. Pagecounter: 1.130  Disclaimer I started working at a new location in Vienna, to make it easier for all participants i decided to apply for a license in Vienna. I received the license for my QTH in OE1, i stopped acitivty OE3DXA/1 for now. A historic day for me, i started movement from my appartement in Schwechat (JN88FD) to my new home QTH in Haslau (JN88IC) with good expedations for the future regarding to my antenna situation. Due the Austrian license regulations i had to change my license for my new QTH, due this regulations i lost my license class “C” (400 Watts) and i have now class “B” (200 Watts), i will try to get class “C” again in June 2011, after one year operation on the band hopefully without local troubles. I will try to get up reasonable antennas as soon as possible, i still have some work to get the permission from the regional department to set up an antenna mast with antennas, in the meanwhile i will continue with my simple antennas. Friday 15th October 2010: License OE1DXA Tuesday 1st June 2010: relocation in OE3 Antenna situation from June 2000