© OE3DXA 2011. Pagecounter: 1.194  Disclaimer My name is Werner (handle Wern) and I was born 1966 in Vienna, Austria. I was infected very early in my life with the radio virus, and the fever is still holding on. My hobbies are amateur radio DX-ing, computers and a little contesting. Earlier in my life i was driving motor bikes, and had fun with RC cars, planes and helicopters. I got my Ham Radio License in May 2003. I enjoy my little time on the radio very much, to see and hear what is happening in the world. In good radio conditions i love to have ragchew contacts and practice my horrible english. Often i am active in digi modes, i found my way to digi modes in times, when conditions was very poor and my antennas was extremly limited (i worked during nine month indoor with a 1,4m long telescope antenna from CB-Handheld Radio), it was really great to see what pleasant contacts happened although with this very limited station. I really hope to meet as many as possible of you in various bands and modes, if you hear me please do me the favour and give me a call. 73 Wern, OE3DXA   Hello! thanks for taking your valuable time and visiting my homepage, i hope you will enjoy your stay here.