How to get the AWARD:

The Deutsche Amateur Radio Club e.V. (DARC) is sponsoring this award to celebrate the Women's Football (Soccer) World Cup 2011. Both licensed amateur radio operators and short wave listeners (SWL's) can apply for this award.

In the period beginning June 1st and ending July 31st, 2011, the special station DL0YLWM and YL district stations with the callsigns DL0YLx or DR11YLx and the special DOK YLWMx will be on the air. The character x stands for the respective DARC district, e.g. DL0YLF will be active for DARC district Hessen and use the special DOK YLWMF.

Participants may apply for four awards (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum level). To achieve one of these awards, you need to log the appropriate number of German YL stations in the given time frame. There are no band limitations. Any mode of operation except Packet Radio and Echo Link may be used. So-called "roundtable QSOs" do not count for the award.









5 YL district stations

8 YL district stations

11 YL district stations

All YL district stations

11 German YLs

22 German YLs

33 German YLs

33 German YLs

Award application fee:
- 8 Euros for DL and EU stations
- 10 Euros or 15 US Dollars for non-EU stations
Alternatively 2 Euros/3 US Dollars for a PDF version of the award

To apply for this award, please send a copy of your log book along with the appropriate application fee to:

Christiane Ruething, DL4CR
Gaussstr. 55
63071 Offenbach am Main