The Walliser Alps

The Matterhorn, "allegedly" the most beautiful mountain of the alps!

The Matterhorn with its 4,448 meters above the Schwarzsee of northeast photographs. In the center the Hörnligrat, our ascent route, is on the left of of it the east wall and on the right of the north wall notorious of it.

After a surprising weather fall, fortunately we already were on approx.4,000 meters with the descent, the imposanteste mountain of the alps is completely with new-fallen snow covered and therefore for this mountain climber season only more for winter committing suitably. A typical phenomenon for the west alps is it that within ten minutes the temperature of +20 degrees Celsius falls on -20 degrees Celsius. Still more extremely these weather falls are only in the Eiger north wall noticeable.

My attempt, a Gulasch in this height to cook, unfortunately failed (despite provisional wind protection) due to the oxygen lacking.


On the way from the Matterhorn to the Monte Rosa Massiv. A goal was the Doufourspitze (4,648 meters) at the Monte Rosa one, the coronation of this uphill drive over ten days in the Walliser Alps.