Die Sextener Dolomiten

The goal of this seven-day uphill drive was it to mount the north wall (550 meters) of the large Zinne (2,999 meters of NN) over Comici/Dimai-Leading.
Note: The degree of difficulty is after the old scale (I - VI). 


It began in very beautiful weather however unfortunately came directly in the first night a weather fall, so that the dream of mounting the large Zinne dissolved immediately over Comici/Dimai-Leading (VI) in the north wall in air. Despite these adverse circumstances (snow and/or ice) the large Zinne at the Normal Way (II) was mounted. 




After approximately two hours moderately heavy climbing the summit cross was reached and a marvelous dolomite panorama view compensated us for everything. 




Additionally still some interesting photos.

The first rope lengths in the western Zinne north wall.

The Swiss Way (VI+ A3) leads by the large roof in the
north wall of the western Zinne.

The attachments of the cannons as well as the supplying
lugsfrom that 1. World war (Auronzofront) are kept still
very good. 

A mountain rescue helicopter in the employment on the
large Zinne.