The flight- and sail route

Magenta: Flying (5.650 nm/ 10.460 km)               Yellow: Sailing (4.170 nm/ 7.625 km)

The time schedule

07.05.2005               Flight Vienna - London
08.05.2005               Flight London - Providenciales (Turks-Caicos, Turtle Cove Marina)
09.05.-15.05.2005    Sailing Turks/Caicos -  Bermudas 
15.05.-20.05.2005    Prepare and check the yacht for the Atlantic crossing
20.05.-12.06.2005    Sailing Bermudas -  Gibraltar 
12.06.-20.06.2005    Sailing Gibraltar -  Balearics 
20.06.2005               Flight Palma/Mallorca - Vienna

During this time you can also send a e-mail to the sailing yacht  GIGUE
Please before have a look on the main "Sailing" page on "How you can send a e-mail via HF".

Probable for HAM's
QRV from week 19 to week 24 daily in SSB at 14:00 UTC on 14.313 MHz +/- QRM,
Callsign: OE50GTU/mm