Die Raxalpe

The Kalkscholle of the Raxalpe is a plateau mountain of the flanks high with 800 to 1,000 meters into the surrounding valleys breaks off. The highest collection is the Heukuppe with 2,007 meters. 

The starting point for the climbing travels into the Preinerwand was mostly the Neue Seehütte (wood farmhand hut). 

The Malersteig (II-III) in the internal Preinerwand.

The height of the wall is about 250 meters and the key place is very much suspended.

Classical roping.

in the outside Preinerwand.


Without comment.

The overhang!

Anywhere a grasp or a footstep and the next rope length do not become still more difficult.

Another overhang!

That does not look heavy from down so, when he is actual then. In addition, it is defeated.

A so-called rope salad is inevitable nearly with each climbing trip.

The Preinerwandplatte

Ostweg (-V),  height of the wall: 300m, time: approx. 3 Std.

Wonderful climbing in the lime rock.

Plattenverschneidung (V+) height of the wall of the disk edge: 100m, time: approx. 2 Std. 

Very fastidious, however somewhat fragile climbing.

Diagonalverschneidung (V+), height of the wall: 160m, time: approx. 4 Std.

The entrance begins directly with the first pushing aside overhang, which still several large follow.

The Haidsteig

is the border between internal and outside Preinerwand of the Raxalpe and an insured climbing plant with a height of the wall of approximately 350 meters. Since it is very suspended, climbing talent and perfect swindle liberty are necessary.

The winter committing of the Haidsteiges in the Preinerwand.

Of course the entry into the climbing book with the Madonna.

After the door on the high plateau, in the background the deeply snow-covered Lechnermauer.

In the winter on the Heukuppe (2,007 m).

As ski mountain the Raxalpe is less suitable. Here with the ascent to the Karl Ludwig House (1,804 m) over the Karl-Graben, which was also the departure route.

Karl-Ludwig House in the summer. 

A map of the Rax and Schneebergmassiv !