Diving accident, what to do?


With smallest suspicion on lung break or Deko-accident immediately, without waiting for the beforehand informed physician, call Dr. Friehs, LKH-Graz (in Austria). Abroad always beforehand inquire where the next pressure chamber is!

Tel.: 0 316/385/22 05 or 27 95
Handy: 0664 2001909


From Graz, Munich and Zurich in accordance with condition of the possibilities a helicopter or a rescue vehicle is against-sent to you automatically. It you indicated whether it at the accident place to stay or with the car to come to meet be supposed. Indicate then the travel route and fasten you to rescue waistcoat (e.g. draw trembling modification by opened windows) or dipping suit to the roof of the car.

If the physician informed a while ago arrived and if this is with the handling of Deko-accident does not trust, then they ask to proceed it in accordance with the guidelines of the medical commission up to the arrival of the rescue vehicle as follows:

Must you the accident diver with the car to the pressure chamber bring or against to the rescue vehicle drive to consider in such a way you:

Before a dipping course is to be determined:

Emergency call numbers in dipping accidents:

Rescue 144
Euro emergency call 112
Police/Gendarmerie 133
Flight application place 0512/1777
  or 0512/28707
National warning head office 140
German is awake (int. alarm center) +49711/701070
Police emergency call Switzerland 117

Pressure chambers:

Graz 0316/385 2205
  or 0316/385 2795
  Handy: 0664/2001909
Munich  +49 89/406655
  or +49 89/4176050
Zurich +41 1/383 1111
  or +41 1/255 1111