The Rules of this Special edition is:

1) All OM and SWL of the whole world will be conducted.

2) All contact will be performed from 01.January 2011 to 31.December 2011.

3) to request the Award is necessary:

3.1) make a Qso with all Italian Call Area (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) without distinction of prefix, regions, province and other. Is important that in the Callsing of the correspondent is present the number of identify of Call Area. For the portable station that will be operated outside (portable station), for example I1AAA/P is valid for the Call Area # 1, IG9/I1AAA is valid for the Call Area # 9. Is sufficient one contact from the single call Area.

3.2) For this edition of award is necessary make a Qso with the three special station that operating from the cities that in the past, have been a Capital of Italy: Turin (1861-1865), Florence (1865-1870), Rome (1870 to today). The special Call is:

- II1ITA Operator responsable Sergio Bulgarello, IW1FSQ (A.R.I. Torino)   
- II5ITA Operator responsable Leonardo Villani, IW5EIJ (A.R.I. Firenze)     
- II0ITA Operator Responsable Giordano Giordani, IK0XFD (A.R.I. Roma)

4) The Award will be issued in HF Band (incluse WARC) in the SSB, CW, Digital mode; Will be issued the follow category: HF MIX, HF SSB, HF CW, HF Digital.

5) To conducted the Award is not necessary a QSL card. Is sufficient a copy of log of Qso, with a signature from the President or Haward Manager of the local Section, or, for the OM thet not subscribe to the association, with a singature from 2 OM. The application form is available on the Download Section of the Website of the Award ( .

6) The cost of the Award, for the expense to realize and postage is 10 Euros or 15 $. The Application form must be sent to:

A.R.I. Section of Turin, Award Manager,
P.O. Box 250
I-10100 Torino Centro TO. 
For info:

7) The A.R.I. Section sent automatically by bureau the Qsl card to confirm the Qso with the special Station.

To request the Award is not a limit of time. The contact that will be performed for the special edition, will be considered valid for the Permanent Award "Diploma dell'Unità d'Italia".

L’Award Manager Sezione A.R.I. Torino
IW1FGZ, Alessandro Scandelli

   My LOG for the Award