How to get the AWARD:

The A.R.M.I. sponsors this award to honor the former S / T coastal radio stations of the Italian Navy. Contacts are valid only between March 4, 2017 00.00 UTC and March 19, 2017 24.00 UTC will count for this award. SWL OK.

Look for special event call signs of  IIĜIDP, II0ICH, II0IDR, II1ICS, II1IGG, II3ICZ, II5IDK, II8ICN, II9IGJ, II9IGA, II9ICF and former coastal stations which will be active on all bands in CW modes, SSB, FM, RTTY and PSK31.

Requirement: Italian stations need 50 points, 25 for Europeans and all others 5 points.

Point Values:
a. All Navy Coastal Radio Stations = 15 points.
b. All ARMI Club and Naval Club Stations = 5 points for CW, 3 points for PSK31/ RTTY and 2 point for SSB.
c. All Non Naval Station = 1 pont.
d. The Joker (wild card station) II8ICN Station = 25 points in all modes.

ARMI club stations may be contacted 3 times a day using modes of CW, digital and phone. Coastal stations and the wildcard station may be contacted one time per day.  

Send log extract and fee of  € 10 or US$ 15 can be sent to:

Alberto Mattei IT9MRM
Via E. Millo 20
I-96011 Augusta (SR)