If you like to send a e-mail via HF (Pactor) to me, you have to read this side first!

One of the most troubling aspects of Interfacing with the Internet is the uncontrolled use of SPAM. Although the use of the "SPAM COP"service has helped, SPAM is still a problem for most.

Therefore the Winlink Development Team employ an "acceptance list"
which works as follows:

1.) If an Winlink 2000 radio user sends SMTP email OUT into the Internet, the address will go into the Acceptance list for a period of 6 Months from the last message sent to the email address.
This will allow the Internet email recipient to continue to email the radio user since they will be in the Acceptance list database table. We have been accumulating your recipient email addresses for some time now. So, this will probably not effect anyone you have emailed, recently.

2.) If an Internet user initiates an email to a radio user without first having been sent a message from a Winlink 2000 user, the Internet email user will receive a message asking them to manually register their email address on http://winlink.org/accept.
AFTER the Internet user registers, their email address will remain valid to send messages to WL2K radio users for a period of only 5 days. Of course, when the WL2K radio user replies, the address will remain valid in the acceptance list for a period of 6 Months from the last reply.

We are confident that this method of registering Internet recipient email addresses will rid the systemof unwanted email.

Sending a Message to OE1GTU/mm

Address the message like any other email message. The email address for OE1GTU is oe1gtu@winlink.org. If you are replying to a message from me simply use the 'Reply' or 'Reply All' button on your email screen. Note: the radio link is slow so it is best not to send the original message back to me, rather, send only the specific portion that pertains to your reply or just delete the original message entirely. Also, because the radio link is slow, keep your messages short and to the point. It will allow me to enjoy more time with this service.

You may also include attachments to your message but please keep it as short as possible - preferably under 25,000 bytes because of the slow radio channel. Of course, the size of the file is dictated by the Pactor protocol used.

When sending a message to me, it is best to set your email program options to plain text only, not HTML or Rich Text Format. This will save my valuable time in downloading your message.

Now you knows the rules above and can send me a e-mail without any problems.