The Dachstein

The imposante south wall of the Dachstein with a height of the wall of 550 meters. 

The Südwandhütte at the foot of the south wall offers a fantastic panorama view into the wall with their climb-own. The three classical leading are from left to the right: The Steinerweg (IV+), the Diretissima (VI+) and the Pichlweg (III+). 

Here by me the edge gap is examined, because since it is to be overcome often extremely dangerously and laboriously, the most favorable place for the transition from the glacier must be found to the rock only.

On the day before the entrance the study lead from an appropriate distance operated and one adjusts itself mentally to the way. In the left half screen one sees the "Dachl" very good that is the Plattenschuss of the Steinerweges, which pulls itself down to the right above from left into the picture center.

If one is then in the wall, the rock warm and friendly is, the weather in addition is wonderful and also still the condition fits, then the heaviest climbing travel becomes the experience of the special kind that only is possible for few outer-chosen.

A map of the Dachsteinmassiv !