Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Rupert Nagler

Status:  Born  31.07.1951, married, one daughter and one son.

Education:  Mittelschule in Wien 5, Rainergasse, Studium in Wien an der Technischen Universitšt Wien und Universitšt Wien,  Dipl.-Ing., Dr.techn.

Hobbies:  Theater, Oper, Jazz.

Sports:  Schifahren, Laufen, Segeln.

License A:  for yachts with or without engine within area "A" (Inland Waters).
Yacht-Master License B:  for yachts within the field of "Navigation Area 3 - 200sm".
Yachtmaster Offshore, Royal Yachting Association / Certificate of Competence
Maritime and Coastguard Agency (United Kingdom of Great Britain).

Long Range Certificate (LRC) incl. GMDSS.

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