Gerhard F. Rothfuss

Status: Born in Vienna 1941, married, Retired in February 2002.

Hobbies: Tennis, Soccer, Sailing, Hunting, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Diving, Philately, Jogging, Mountaineering.

License A:  for yachts with or without engine within area "A" (Inland Waters).
Yacht-Master License B:  for yachts within the field of "Navigation Area 3 - 200sm".
Yacht-Master License:  for motor yachts within the field of "Navigation Area 3 - 200sm".

Radio Operator's General Certificate for Maritime Service
Long Range Certificate
Amateur Radio Licence, Callsign: OE1GTU, (OE4GTU).

For licenses details: 

Navigated since 1994 as skipper (mostly of charter yachts) the following waters:
Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea, Tyrrheni Sea, Balearic Sea, Atlantic (Canary Islands),  North Sea, Baltic Sea, Netherlands and German Watt Sea, Caribbean Sea (Britisch Virgin Islands). Atlantic crossing (from east to west).