How to get the AWARD:

For the first time, Algerian 7T prefix will be used by Algerian radio hams.

Definition: The contest for the 50th anniversary of the independence of Algeria is an outstanding manifestation of ARA the Algerian radio society. To obtain the Diploma you must total 50 points.

Goal: Allow OM's and SWL's from Algeria and outside to obtain a diploma and a special QSL card for the event.

Objective: To inform the world about that particular event.

Participation: All Amateur radio, radio clubs and SWL can participate in the contest on all modes and all HF bands allowed.

Dates and times: From July 05 2012 at 00:00 pm UTC to December 31, 2012 at 00:00 pm UTC.

Valid Contacts: The same station can be contacted once per band. Correspondents must exchange their respective reports.

-Official Station (R.C Algiers) 7T50I = 10 points.
-Radio Club Station from East and South East area (RC Bou-Saada) 7W50I= 05 points.
-Radio Club Station from the south zone (RC Laghouat) 7V50I and 7U50I=05 points.
-Radio Club Station from the West and South West area (RC Mostaganem) 7Y50I= 05 points.
-Ordinary 7X stations: 03 points.

Participation Fees: The cost of the diploma is 10 U.S. Dollars or 05 Euros. (Costs of printing and delivering)

-QSO with a nonexistent 7X call sign.
-Absence of the QSO on the 7X logs.
-For an incomplete call sign the contact will be cancelled.

Getting the diploma: The station that has obtained 50 points can ask for a diploma.

Conditions of participation: By entering this competition, the competitor agrees to respect its rules, the common rules and the courtesy in use between ham radio operators.