How to get the AWARD:

The Diploma ARMI called "ITALIAN NAVY SHIP RADIO STATIONS" is designed to remember the Naval Radio Station of the Italian Navy from 1960 to today and encourage Radio in all ways with all amateur radio stations.
The Diploma is archievable from all OM and SWL in the world.
For 2014, the station Jolly is the naval radio station: II9IAOC (Ship "Danaide")

The diploma will begin September 6, 2014 (00:00 UTC) and will end on September 21, 2014 (24:00 UTC).

They will be operating the following stations:
- Stations with special call on behalf of the Navy Naval Radio Station Military.
- Train members ARMI.
- Train members to other Naval Clubs.
- Independent stations

Are allowed the following modes: CW - SSB - DIGI (PSK31 - RTTY).

All HF bands, according to the IARU Band Plan.

QSO Points:
QSOs (HRD) with the IT Navy Ship Radio Station "JOLLY" II9IAOC worth 25 points (all mods).
QSOs (HRD) with EN Navy Ship Radio Station be worth 15 points (all modes).
QSOs (HRD) with ARMI Naval Clubs and Club members are worth 5 points (CW).
QSOs (HRD) with ARMI Naval Clubs and Club members are worth 3 points (PSK31 / RTTY).
QSOs (HRD) with ARMI Naval Clubs and Club members are worth 2 points (SSB).
QSOs (HRD) with INDEPENDENT stations are worth 1 point (SSB - CW - DIGI).

All stations (AMRS, naval stations and the station Jolly, can be connected only once per day for each MODE issue and the same for all periode of the race.
The stations INDEPENDENT only once. Will not be taken into consideration all the dual connections.

MULTIPLIER for each "Ship Radio Station" connected.
EG If at the end of the race i connected across 5 different radio stations naval, my result I have to multiply it by 5.

To get the diploma you need a minimum of POINTS as follows:
Italian stations:                30 points
European stations:           20 points
Extra-European stations: 10 points

The Naval Radio Station will pass the report RST followed by the registration number (MI #)
The station will pass ARMI relations RST followed by the registration number (MI #)
The station NAVAL are moving reports RST followed by the registration number corresponding to the club (MF #, CA #, ....)

There are three categories:
"NAVAL" for stations andweapons belonging to ather Naval Club
"INDEPENDENT" for all other OM

There are three sub-categories:

The Diploma will be required to Award manager:

IT9MRM Alberto Mattei
Via Enrico Millo 20
96011 Augusta (SR)