How to get the AWARD:

1.) The ARI Tuscany Regional Committee (ARI CRT) - sponsor this award during the week of the World Road Cycling Championships organized by the UCI - Union Cycliste International, that will be held in Tuscany from 22nd to 29th September 2013.

2.) Award is issued for confirmed two-way radio contacts with Tuscan stations (I5### or I#5###) in fixed or portable station, from 00:00 UTC on 22nd Sept 2013 at 23:59 UTC till 29th sept 2013 under rules and conditions hereafter stated. Tuscan stations are invited to make call to "CQ Cycling Road World Championships Award" or "CQ CRWCA".

3.) To obtain the diploma you will need to achieve the following scores :

90 points - for Italian stations ;
50 points - for European stations ;
30 points - for DX stations .

4.) Stations rewarding points:

5 points - IQ5## ( Radio Club ) and IA5 or I#5###/IA5 (IOTA EU-028);
1 point - any station in the call area 5.

5.) Each station, to reward point, may be contacted one time per band and modes from 00:00 and 23:59 UTC every single day.

6.) If requested, a certificate will be sent to all stations qualifying the final score.

7.) Award's electronic version (PDF sent via e-mail) it's free of charge, while the full colour printed version, delivered by smail mail, will require a P&P contribution € 5.00 / $ 5.00 / 2 IRC.

8.) Electronic logs (Cabrillo format) and awards requests, should be sent to no later than 15th October 2013. Logs and paper applications need to be sent before 15th October 2013 to the following address: SILVIO GAGGINI - Via Chiusa Galli , 126 Spignana 51028 - Italy .

9.) All Tuscan stations tha will take part, will be in a special "activator scoreboard" and will be awarded with an electronic certificate of participation. The first three teams per each category (IQ5##, IA5### and I#5###) will be rewarded with a plaque. All stations taking part in the special classification of activators will be also entitled to receive the special QSL to be sent to their correspondents. Log format must be in Cabrillo and need to be sent to by 15 October 2013 .

10.) The final rankings will be published on the site and license plates will be delivered during the next CRT meeting or any other ham radio related event the CRT will decide.

11.) The Award Committee's decisions cannot be opposed.

My Log for the Award