800 Years Zwettl Award


The Austrian Amateur Radio Club (ÍVSV), district of Zwettl (ADL308), is issueing this award for proved contacts with members of the district and the special station OE3XZW.

All contacts between January 1st, 2000 and December 31st, 2000 count for this award. It is obtainable to all radio amateurs and listeners (SWLs) respectively.

The following stations count for the award:

Members of the ADL 308: (100 Pts.) : OE3 AMA, BJM, DJB, ERS, ETC, FSA, IWS, JLC, JR, JRA, KMW, NHA, TFU, WBB, WFW, WXC, YTM;

Special Station (200 Pts.) :   OE3XZW


For an award application, Austrian stations must have 800 Points, European stations 500 Points, and DX stations 300 Points.

There are no mode and band restrictions. Each station counts only once per band.

Please send your award application including a  GCR list and a fee of ATS 100,-, DM 15,- or  USD 10,- to

Walter Berger, OE3WBB
Kremserstrasse 34
A-3910 Zwettl

The award is 210x297 mm in size, coloured, on an almost 200g heavy, white cardboard. The award  is authorised by the ÍVSV.