Nautical log Atlantic
 For Saturday, the 13.12.2003 

Time: 22:33 UTC     Latitude: N 18 02,10'     Longitude: W 063 05,18'
Wind Speed: 10,0 kn     Wind Dir: SE     Swell Dir: SE     Swell Ht: 1,0 m     Clouds: 25%     Baro: 1016     Trend: -

Comment: In St. Martin angekommen.

Harry's Diary: Anchors over approx. 8:00 o'clock in a bay of a hotel department and wait for the bridge opening into the Simpson Bay,
in which our Marina lies. 18:00 o'clock turbulent putting on maneuver - however then all o.k. finally 2.936 nautical miles distance covered (5.437 km).
Dinners in the restaurant "Little Well" with Nelly - a original island tavern with Live music.

   Daily photo !                   

  Time        Speed       Course         Latitude           Longitude          Distance: 66,90 nm          Average: 3,34 kn