Nautical log Atlantic
 For Tuesday, the 09.12.2003 

Time: 07:55 UTC     Latitude: N 17 00,40'     Longitude: W 061 45,83'
Comment: Sind nach 20 Tagen und 18 Stunden in English Harbour (Antigua) eingelaufen.

Harry's Diary: 03:55 - we anchor in Antigua English Harbour. With sparkling wine on the successful arrival knocked against - then in peace sleep gone.
Lanzarotte - Antigua 2.825 nautical miles (5.232 km). Morning fill up, water filled up and at the dock fastened.
Noon and evening we eat in the restaurant HQ. Wonderful night (without night watch). It was a mad and unique experience!!!

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  Time        Speed       Course         Latitude           Longitude          Distance: 43,5 nm          Average: 6,69 kn