Nautical log Atlantic
 For Friday, the 05.12.2003 

Time: 20:03 UTC     Latitude: N 16 56,23'     Longitude: W 052 05,43'     Course: 271 true     Speed: 7,3 kn
Wind Speed: 14,0 kn     Wind Dir: E     Swell Dir: NE     Swell Ht: 1,0 m     Clouds: 60%     Baro: 1016     Trend:

Comment: Alles O.K. Sind heute mit Passatbesegelung gut weiter gekommen.

Harry's Diary: Bermuda sails must save 3:00 early wind too strongly from NO - with the maneuver me the
Balloonerschot comes out - large theatre, however everything o.k. 7:30 morning sport, Sails set to the Bermuda.
Wind 15-17 knots - good from E. Etmal of 16:00 - 16:00 163 nautical miles - still 568 nautical miles to Antigua.
Gerhard W. makes as a ship cook - with wind force 5-6 Backhendl with potato salad for mastership examination!!!
approx.. 21:00 fold the spinaker tree to starboard to the side, after 20 minutes everything again o.k. Sails now with Main and Besan.

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  Time        Speed       Course         Latitude           Longitude          Distance: 170 nm          Average: 7,08 kn