Nautical log Atlantic
 For Thursday, the 04.12.2003 

Time: 20:37 UTC     Latitude: N 16░ 58,37'     Longitude: W 049░ 15,75'     Course: 271 true     Speed: 6,8 kn
Wind Speed: 16,0 kn     Wind Dir: NE     Swell Dir: NE     Swell Ht: 2,0 m     Clouds: 20%     Baro: 1014     Trend: -  

Comment: Blisterfall gerissen, am Gro▀mast klariert, dann Blister ganz zerrissen. Alles O.K.

Harry's Diary: Wind well 4 Bft. However caught up by NO, Bermuda sails and Blister, Main and Besan sails set. Make 5 - 6.5 knots travel.
Prognoses of the "German weather service" apply. 12:55 with large bang tear those case of the Blister - in the water - repair.
To contrive Gerhard R. at the mainmast completely above around case again. After 2,5 hours of Blister set - 17:30 bang!!! ?
Blister says good-bye - totally tore up.

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  Time        Speed       Course         Latitude           Longitude          Distance: 132 nm          Average: 5,5 kn