Nautical log Atlantic
 For Wednesday, the 03.12.2003 

Time: 21:28 UTC     Latitude: N 17 00,93'     Longitude: W 047 06,23'     Course: 270 true     Speed: 5,4 kn
Wind Speed: 11,0 kn     Wind Dir: E     Swell Dir: E     Swell Ht: 1,0 m     Clouds: 25%     Baro: 1015     Trend: -

Comment: Wenig Wind, jetzt wieder mehr, laut DWD soll es noch mehr werden. Alles O.K.

Harry's Diary: No wind - already the 3' th Day. In the morning something engine, so that also the batteries are loaded.
Must strictest current economy measures seize, there consumption too highly. Bucket shower after the breakfast,
Bermuda sails, travel 3.5 - 4 knots. At noon thunderstorm - nature shower. Further little wind.
Information "German weather service" - therefore we would be to 12.12.2003 in Antigua.

   Daily photo !                   

  Time        Speed       Course         Latitude           Longitude          Distance: 74,2 nm          Average: 3,09 kn