Nautical log Atlantic
 For Monday, the 01.12.2003 

Time: 18:03 UTC     Latitude: N 17 02,24'     Longitude: W 043 45,55'     Course: 269 true     Speed: 1,6 kn
Wind Speed: 7,0 kn     Wind Dir: E     Clouds: 50%     Baro: 1013     Trend: -
Comment: Nachts Sturm, Tags Flaute. Spibaum repariert. Alles O.K.

Harry's Diary: Wind turns and turns and comes now from NW? Change of course to 340. By a turning-maneuver the spi-tree falls in the water,
with much trouble saved. Morning provisional repair of the joint thereby with suitable wind Bermuda sails to be set can.
Calm air to 13:00 o'clock ship inside cleaning and hygiene. Wind arises - we set the Blister - however at the upper side tore up.
Repair, afternoon total calm air - 2 hours drive under engine. In the evening birthday meal Rainer (pig chop with roasting potatoes, herb and carrot salad!)

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