Cards of my friends in DL

In early May 1999 I visited my friends in DL. Some of them
I do already know for some years. Here are a few cards.

I know OM Jürgen DD1QM since 1992.
Since then we are in contact via radio
and we hat personal contact several times
In early May 99 I spent 2 days with him and
his family.
We all know that this was to little time.
In later June 99 I met him and his family again
in Gosau (Upper Austria)

OM Klaus DC5QR was at the club station

I know OM Klaus DC5QR from PR.
OM Jürgen told me I shall write to him. In
May 99 I finally met him personally at a
fleamarket in Herford.

I visited OM Torsten and YL Anja in
Wuppertal too. Wuppertal and Vienna do
have the same motor vehicle sign, so I felt
like home when I came to Wuppertal. My
friends did their part to make me feel good
during my visit at them.