2 meter cards

On 2 meter band I had the most DX-QSOs till now.

Not only one time worked at the contest.

Locator field JN63 (without sporadic e)

A very nice card from Slovenia
S59DZM worked on May 7th 1995
Locator field JN76

One of my poor sporadic e QSOs
with YL Angela on sicily.
Locator field JM77

Germany is not easy to work from my QTH,
because the mountains of the Wienerwald are
in the same direction.
Although worked: DG3RCN on
August 11th 1993
Locator field JN58

I don’t like the "/OE" on this Card J
ZS2UM an EX-Austrian spent
his holydays in his nativ country on Septembre
4th 1992
Locator field JN88 (yeah, it’s my field too)

The Scout amateur radio station DL0UMK
everytime strong signals

Locator field JN68