APRS Station finding and tracking in Europe

On this page you can find and track APRS stations with certain different possibilities. All APRS station finding and tracking is done through www.findu.com , where you can find more information about how to use this system for finding, tracking and more. I have just made it possible to enter the needed informations in forms, which is much more comfortable to the user.

When you use 'Find' or 'Plot' you can enter more than one callsign, each separated by comma.

When you use the asterisc '*' in the 'Plot' form, you will see all stations on the defined map, that sent their report not longer ago than the maximum of hours that you defined.

There are more maps available for 'Plot' and 'Track' using the links in that forms.

Special APRS Page for the Ham-Radio Friedrichshafen
Recent APRS activity via ISS
Recent APRS activity via PCSAT NO-44

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Plot (multiple) stations on a map
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Plot on detailed maps of Austria
Plot on maps from JN00 to JO99

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Track a station


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Track on detailed maps of Austria
Track on maps from JN00 to JO99

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