Self construction

Because I like to experiment with electronics it was only a question of time, when I will start to construct my own equipment. In LF-technique I experimented years ago when I was going to the technical school and also before. My first project in self constructing ham-radio equipment was a 13cm transverter in 1997. I buied a kit, which was even cheaper than the allready constructed one. One year later I constructed the 23cm transverter. Typical for me, I began with the one, which is more difficult, to construct the second, with the gotten experiences. The transverter can provide 2 Watts RF on 1296 MHz, in Contests it did a good job.


23cm transverter developed by DB6NT, as kit buied from Eisch Elektronik in DL. Constructed in about 10 hours.

Component side of the transverter. But in SMT the component and the solder side are not separatable.

Solder side, or better SMD Component side ?

And now a real self constructed equipment. Because there was a new ATV repeater in Vienna on the 13cm band and a satreceiver was a standard equipment in my station, I needed a converter from 2440 MHz to any frequency in the satreceiver band (950-2050 MHz). A chaep VCO module was provided by Neuhold in Graz. With a working frequency of about 1 GHz it seems to be a good solution for a lokal oscillator. Frequency accuracy and stability is not so important in ATV, so I took one of these VCO modules. The price was 49 ATS, 3,56 EUR. The first model I constructed with an active mixer and a preamplifier (two BFR90). The oscillator was perfect. But not only the VCO module was oscillating. I found a configuration which was working for 2 years. After this time, I redesined the mixer with a SMD-C3 (passive) and the converter was much better then.

This was the first version of the converter. With this I received the pictures, you can see on my ATV Page .

The second version of the converter is much better, the RF parameters are much more stable and there are much less components.