Contest - The Radio Competition

In the second half of the 90s I've been quite activ in the national UHF-SHF-Aktivitycontest. This competition takes place every third Sunday of the month. During the wintermonths I've been QRV normally from home, but when the weather was getting better I wanted to go out to higher positions to hold with the 'bigger' Stations and fight for the cups.

Portable Contest-Station set up at my second home. The 70cm antenna was vertical at that moment for FM operation. Above you can see the 23cm Coffee Can. The transceiver was never mine. FT-736 borrowed from OE1MMA.

To get in front of the cup the whole year I did not only borrow equipment. OM Franz, OE1NPC was helping me with equipment and more to get a good result. From the Hochwechsel it was a must to be first on 70cm, 23cm and 13cm!

Gießhübl was also a beloved place in the southwest of Vienna and with a pretty sight to the City. At the upper end you can see the Coffee can for the 13cm band, with the self made 13cm transverter directly attached. Below there is the Coffee Can for 23cm connected to the 23cm transverter (on the car body) through a short koaxial cable. At the lower end there is the 70cm Yagi antenna. From this position I haven't been first every time, but with constant activity on good places through the whole year I got important points.

Here is the equipment inside the car. A TM-742 with omnidirectional antenna for FM communication, the FT-790 with a power amplifier was used for SSB on 70cm. A FT-290 was the transceiver connected to the transverters for 23cm and 13cm bands. The technical data of the station:
70cm FM 35W omnidirectional antenna
70cm SSB 70W 9 element Yagi
23cm FM 10W omnidirectional antenna
23cm SSB 2,5W Coffee Can
13cm SSB 5W Coffee Can

The results of all this expenditure:
1997 .. 2nd place on 23cm
1997 .. 3rd place on 13cm
1998 .. 1st place on 13cm
1999 .. 3rd place on 13cm