Coffee Can Feed

For the first time I used coffee can antennas it was for receiving Meteosat Pictures on 1.7 GHz. Later and now I am using coffee cans for 2.4 GHz for receiving ATV, working the 2.4 GHz FM-repeater in Vienna and when the bird was active for receiving Signals and making QSOs via AO-40.

My setup for ATV and AO-40 looks like this (click on the photos for better resolution):

A 35cm satellite dish with a can-feed for the 13cm band instead of the LNB.

This is my "high end" coffee can at the moment. Look below for a diagram of the dimensions.

For everyone who wants to make his own can-feeds here is a little description for the diagram of the can:

A .. must be as good as possible 0.5 Lambda (@2400 62.5 mm)
B .. shall also be exactly 0.25 Lambda (@2400 31.25mm)
D .. The diameter shall be 0.75 Lambda, but 0.7 .. 0.8 Lambda is OK. (@2400
it's 93.75mm, my can has diameter 97mm and works perfect with SWR <1.2)
L .. The length is uncritical but shall be more than Lambda (my can has a
length of 180mm)

I wish you all the best 55 for building your can-feed!