ATV Ė Amateur Radio Television

In the last years the television transmissions between amateur radio stations was getting more and more popular. You may think, that television is very difficult and you have to pay much for equipment. Of course ATV is one of the special modes of operation in the amateur radio service. But to receive ATV in the 23cm band (1,2 GHz) you will need only a good location and an usual Satellitereceiver and a little antenna. If you donít have a very good location so you have to invest in a good preamplifier and a good antenna.

If you have a good location a receiving antenna can look like this:

A 35cm satellite antenna with a can-antenna for the 13cm band instead of the LNB. For reception of 13cm band transmissions you will need a downconverter from 2,4 GHz to a frequency covered by the satellite receiver.

Connected to the antenna is a low noise amplifier. Through a short coax-cable a self made downconverter is connected, which converts the ATV signal to 1,4 GHz. From the downconverter a longer cable goes to the satellite receiver and the result is shown in the following picture:

Testchart of the ATV Repeater OE1XCB located on the Wienerberg. This Repeater can receive on 10 and 24 GHz and transmits on 2440 und 24230 MHz.