Who is OE1DMB:

That’s me turning a Satellite-Antenna in the direction of the geostationary satellite Meteosat to receive weatherpictures from it. The picture was taken on 15th August 98 during the meeting of the G-QRP Group on Masenberg near Hartberg in Styria.

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My name is Andy and I live in the 10th district of Vienna, the capital of Austria. I was born in Vienna in 1975. From 1990 till 1995 I visited the HTL-Mödling for Electronics.
In 1992 I made my amateur radio license. Since then I have been "QRV" on frequencies up to the 13cm band.
I am working now as a technical engineer in an EMC-laboratory in Vienna.

If there is something more to say about me, you will find it at my family web-page, or take a look at my activities.
You will find there more about my interests in amateur radio and other hobbies.

I say the best 73 es gd dx to all radio amateurs!

All other "normal people" many greetings from Vienna !

De OE1DMB, Andy