About me

I was born in 1968 in Pforzheim/Germany and I always was fascinated on electronics as I grew up. At the age of 13 years I got a 3-channel-AM CB handheld of a school-friend of mine. He didn't use it and I always was fascinated of radio technology, but at this time I only had very cheap and ugly sounding 1-channel-AM CB handhelds, designed for children.


Bah !!  What a bad sound !...


So with this 3-channel-AM handheld, a "Kaiser CB-11", I had my first QSO at 1979 at the age of 11 years with a CB radio station about 8 km away from my home.

What a big mistake !!!    Now I was infected with the radio virus !!!    Hihi.

It was absolutely fascinating to have a contact with a person who was more far away from me than I was ever used with my cheap children handhelds before. And the audio was much better too.


But let's make it short...


Time went by and I learned radio electronics on myself and learned how the transceiver works and how to improve them if you're not satisfied. Tons of books went by, ..hihi. My aim was to improve the audio quality when people or I weren't satisfied with it, with the modulation strenght or the speech intelligibility or the needed punch for DX or mobile usage.


1991 I did the german Ham Radio licence CEPT class 2 - which is class 1 now due to European Union harmonisation. Since 15. Aug. 2003 the owners of the CEPT class 2 are allowed to work on shortwave too.  Yeah !!!


I was waiting so long for this change cause I never had the time and the concentration to learn CW in the past, cause of my job as an assistant of a tax consultant.


Two of my first met people from old 1979's CB days are still present yet and we're friends since a long time. Today we have only QSO's with superb "radio five++" on VHF, as both people have done their Ham Radio licences too. It's Karl-Heinz (DG3IAP) and Michael (DG3IAG). Some other friends I meet since my early CB days are Thomas (DO1STU) and Walter (DO4SW). 



Michael (DG3IAG) via Skype cam..hihi..


We can look back to a long, long time of nice QSO's and "hard" radio and modulation tests, sometimes far into deep nights, hihi...


I like to give my friends SWL reports or do audio recordings of their transmissions or antenna tests, or simply to share technical know-how. To keep in closer contact, also with worldwide friends - we're using new techniques today - chat rooms, mainly on the Yahoogroups, Skype, Echolink etc...


Many HAM and CB people asked me about my mods in the past years. I have published and still publish several on several Yahoo groups (http://groups.yahoo.com) but mainly on www.mods.dk, the great side of Erik Hansen. Just have a search on his side to my callsign "DG2IAQ" and you will find some other mods or remarks from me.


Now I got my own homepage where I will share my knowledge for you. Unfortunately I don't have time enough to spend more time on such projects ...


Vy 73,


Jochen Heilemann




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